impromptu convo that just so happens to update you on everything going on in my life-yep everything

dronkidcatholic: omg my roomate talks in her sleep
badumbumchhhhhh: whoa what is she talking about?
dronkidcatholic: every night for the last 5 nights
dronkidcatholic: i’ve noticed
dronkidcatholic: like the only one i remember
dronkidcatholic: cause it was so funny was
dronkidcatholic: i shouldn’t have gotten that piercing
dronkidcatholic: usually shes just talking to people
badumbumchhhhhh: lol
dronkidcatholic: i know she is just so special.
badumbumchhhhhh: one time my brother was sleeping and he randomly said “oh, i get it”
badumbumchhhhhh: that was pretty funny
dronkidcatholic: lol
dronkidcatholic: that is funny i think you told me that
dronkidcatholic: i almost laughed out loud though
dronkidcatholic: but i controlled it so as not to seem crazy
badumbumchhhhhh: so it should really be “alol”
dronkidcatholic: lol
dronkidcatholic: that was a true lol
badumbumchhhhhh: all right!
dronkidcatholic: you made me seem crazy
badumbumchhhhhh: not too difficult! zing!
dronkidcatholic: hahah
dronkidcatholic: btw
dronkidcatholic: oh never mind
dronkidcatholic: i was going to offer you my notes from today
dronkidcatholic: since i was such little help fo ryou
dronkidcatholic: but i dont have time to give them to you tomorrow
[dronkidcatholic: oh but it was only half a page
dronkidcatholic: with two really good doodles
badumbumchhhhhh: sorry to miss that
badumbumchhhhhh: ive done some pretty good doodles in anthro
dronkidcatholic: yes i was thinking
dronkidcatholic: that class would be the perfect place to get work done
badumbumchhhhhh: yeah
badumbumchhhhhh: i did this one of a ship gettig attacked by a sea monster
badumbumchhhhhh: not very…proportional
badumbumchhhhhh: but pretty good
badumbumchhhhhh: more than i would have attempted in hs
dronkidcatholic: sounds awesome
badumbumchhhhhh: ive really stepped up the doodling this year
badumbumchhhhhh: i high school i always just did random squiggles and stuff
badumbumchhhhhh: an tvs
dronkidcatholic: anthro gets the creative juices flowing
dronkidcatholic: i made a tree turned into a broccoli turned into tree again
badumbumchhhhhh: like in the pagemaster!


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