if this computer can’t do it then fuck it, it can’t be done

i’m never sure what to use this thing for. update on college will have to do
i am definately enjoying college, specifically this one. i am glad it worked out since i sort of put all my eggs in one basket. and the eggs here are pretty good but tiny. i have looked at apartments and co-ops and the green-room, which is the environmentally-friendly room in unit 1 that has an opening. i’ve been chronically put on hold for lots of things and i cant help checking my email every hour. tomorrow kimmianne’s having her birthday party at my current dorm, which is good because i won’t be here for much longer. so far my favorite thing to do at the radio station as a lowly newbie is opening mail because i dont even ever get mail let alone awesome mail filled with albums, concert tickets, stickers, glossy photos of musicians, and random trinkets. i don’t think i’m going to go through dj training hell this year. probably never. julia and i got accepted to design some outfits for the spring fashion show; finally not on hold for that anymore! i’m in the market for a sewing machine. my habits have changed so much here. i don’t spend any time playing guitar, reading for fun, cooking, or doing crafts which is what i did almost every day at home.
speaking of which i’m going back this weekend


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