this is as good a time as any to write about my china trip
it feels like ages ago since i was there but it was awesome as you shall soon see
from what i recall,
the first few days i listened to “winning days” whenever i was bored. i did not feel like any other song. in the large equation of my life, lack of sleep and jet lag and abnormally cold weather equaled getting sick. so sick i had to get medicine pumped in my veins for three days for three hours at a time, but also because it is a popular thing to prescribe at the moment. my head felt like it might’ve exploded for a few days.
after i got better i ate a lot of junk food you can only get in china
this was a typical cake spread i bought
later we saved a cat because my dad’s family is convinced they have a special connection with animals which causes them to gravitate towards each other. this cat was a supercat though cause it held on to my cousin’s car when he drove all the way over to my grandparents’ house and then spent two days outside when it was hailing
the rest was a blur of mahjong, seven-story malls, and ice porridge
on the way back we hung out in korea and ate their version of a pizza
those were the winning days


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  1. you really do have a “gift” (was that the word she said???) for writing. I miss and love you, make sure you hit up city lights when you get a chance (it’s a beat bookstore that kerouac, ginsberg and many others hung out at). Kari said it’s still around so make sure you check it out, I’ll be sure to make a list of everything beat related I want to see when I come. Love and all. madiha

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