i cant believe i forgot that i should be doing pretty things. then i wouldn’t be unhappy
i’m taking suggestions of pretty things to do. promise i’ll try all of them. i will take a picture of them too, if that’s incentive for you to offer some
so far i have

send letters n junk to people
play guitar

these would be very simple activities at home but in college they are pretty impressive and will give me a lot to do
yeah serious limitations on crafty things n sewing
after finally getting over my bad habit of biting my nails, cutting them seems too surreal and sinful
fun fact – i was a nailbiter for 11 years
you don’t just forget about that


2 thoughts on “

  1. i am glad you are doing pretty thingsand i am picking up guitar too actuallyand i look up Le Pastie chords for funand all i can do is the em & A Major bit. but I am having fun remembering good times of you when you brought your guitar to us and we & everybody were happy at school.B minor is a bitch. D:

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