for whomever is concerned,

today was quite an eventful day i had at berkeley since classes have not started yet so i’ll share it
woke up at 8, organized my classes and went to find them so i could know ahead of time.
found two, got lost.
swore at map.
stumbled across caltopia [businesses giving away free stuff]
ate bad food, went all the way back to my far, lonely dorm and got really tired.
walked around my dorm trying to meet people since i haven’t made much effort.
only one room had their door open in the entire building. a disappointed beebe walks back to room
recuperates, gets enough energy to go find rasputin in hopes of good posters for wall deco
[dorm room resembles jail cell from lack of deco]
found kimmianne and two visiting friends [danielle and gus] and hung out at rasputin’s music store
said bye to friends, sat in cold talking to chadwick
christina lets me into her dorm, played cards with a couple people
went to a fashion show of sorts, held mainly by the black student population. got a really good donut on the way
wished i was black for a little bit
waited for bus and got rejected since it just passed right by without stopping
found a cute kid to walk back with since i didn’t feel like getting mugged

a successful day, but made for a lame entry.

i’m excited for the nerdnoise meeting


4 thoughts on “for whomever is concerned,

  1. it sounds exciting to me, that’s the kind of stuff i’ve been doing here but less walking because i dont have a campus
    i’m excited to talk about college things! i will probably write you this week once i get a few classes under my belt
    tonight i saw the brightest lights ever down my street illuminating a black pop’s clothing store. holy cow it was the most light i’ve ever seen used in advertising surrounded by darkness and people that don’t have jobs

  2. I miss sanfrancisco and youThanks for updating, I like watching Life of Beebe through my brain via xanga entries ;)ohhhh San Fran.just think! when you are walking up union street and such like, you are walking up teh streets where teh famous 8 yer old lai hath walked upons!! FEEL MY FOOTSTEPS!!!cause i most certainly feel you walking on my 8 year old feets 😀 yes, and because we transcend time and spaceyou are black if you want. >:D

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