i’m..in san fransisco?

that was easy.
today on the freeway i saw so many kids on their way to move-in day!
then they were replaced by these rolling clouds that looked like snow and sea at the same time
then they were replaced by fog, and a biting chilliness that thought i left in ohio
i’m trying to transfer, but if i dont i think i got pretty lucky with my current roomate. and despite its faults, by dorm is right next to the greek theatre

which has the potential to make me very happy

oh this year i am setting small goals for myself [besides academically]. one is to make a decision on this tattoo business. two is to know as much as possible about this city. to see how these play out, come visit.


2 thoughts on “i’m..in san fransisco?

  1. what is this tattoo business?I am intrigued.I also plan to find out as much about SD as possible to satisfy some serious wander lust. I will report on the findings of our “home-city-but-not-really-because-home-is-elsewhere-for-us-but-SD-was-it-for-maybe-a-little-bit” 😀

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