i dont want to die
i am at home being homesick and preparing for future-homesick
i have cried every day since i’ve been back from china


3 thoughts on “

  1. i shall proceed to click that button on any electric device I own to further your efforts!your xanga colors remind me of peanut butter. or more delightfully, see’s lollipops.

  2. Lord I dont even rememeber what the button was now.but I love you and will visit you because I plan to go up to bay area and you are defnly worth taking a gander at AND spending quality time with :p hee

  3. you missin’ chiychiy??just wait til i put my postcards of rose etchings and cellestial maps on the wall!you wouldn’t think that those go together, but they’re 16-18th century and going to look really tight.i’m going to write you with my first impressions of my new home and fears about school and the locals!

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