maybe i will die a buckeye

confession i’ve been lurking around the sites of people i used to know in ohio. even some who i didn’t know very well seem to have more in common with me [in essence] than my californian friends. something about the water we were raised on as kids, but with a delayed effect? a mutual friend, a boy i’d been in the same class with every year, the only other chinese kid, a scrawny nerd type, all of them ending up different and infinitely more intriguing than i would have guessed. i wish so much to go and visit. even if it’s an amelie complex of dwelling over those you cannot be with. i imagine the best thing is that there would exist something more genuine with people who you’ve grown up with and seen go through all the painful/embarassing experiences that that entails. what i forgot is that they weren’t stuck in the 7th grade forever and, unpredictably, would become divine individuals. can’t seem to get that special history with anyone else i meet
let me see them one more time


2 thoughts on “maybe i will die a buckeye

  1. you will. And if you don’t, it means it is better for you and them for not-meet.unless amelie brings you together. then s’meant to be.

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