i just got this email from a girl regarding art club’s existence.
if anything was my baby, art club was it. i know we did nothing this year but it was so fun while it lasted, remember?
i told her i’d help her if she wanted to start it up again and now i really hope she does. i’m sure there’s some extended metaphor in this for how i feel about leaving school. but keeping art club going would be splenda sweet.
clearly, i’ve been thinking a lot about this leaving school deal. it’s still all it’s cracked up to be, just a tad emotional
hmm nope i’m completely happy again to leave.


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  1. bittersweetbut if you want to sound more American, I’d say use “sadhappy”oh! quickly tell the girl there is $60 in our account! or else it might go away.

  2. well, i went to an instore performance at the Amoeba in Hollywood. after they played a small set, we got in line to get our stuff signed. the people at Amoeba were really strict and set rules like no stopping to take pictures, only one cd could be signed, and blah blah blah. we waited for a good 30 or 40 minutes and reached the end when suddenly an employee came up to the guy behind my cousin and i to tell him that they were sorry but they had to cut the line. i have never felt so lucky in my life. and because i was the last person, they let me take pictures with them. and that’s when Stuart put his arm around me. 😀 the pics should be somewhere on my xanga… it wasn’t too long ago. but boo, i didn’t get a picture with Stevie and Sarah. 😦
    oh man, Stern? and i thought i had it bad… okay, i don’t think i’ll complain about my dorm anymore. and it’s really nice of that girl to switch with you.
    and i’ll mention one more thing just for kicks. i think i’d choose Ton Ton as my favorite mascot… i love pigs! and haha, i actually donated money to narutofan.com once just to try to win that set of five plushies.

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