what a wonderful world

trees roses skies clouds rainbow people friends shaking hands babies crying
to prove my point, some guy on pbs has a scottish accent. public television has my support


8 thoughts on “

  1. i think i have like a senioritis depression. it would explain why i have lost my appetite lately and sleep all the time whether im tired or not and dont want to get out of bed and dont feel like anyone notices i exist or i dont really want to care that other people exist and other stuff

  2. I’m not scared and im definitely not excited when i think about graduation im like whatever… i don’t care…. people are like omg its our last wednesday and im like whatever… it doesnt matter to me

  3. we get our yearbooks tomorrow right? you know what i want more than anything? i want someone to say can i sign your yearbook. i think that would just be cool. you wouldnt count though

  4. no i just think it would be nice for someone to say “hey katie, can i sign your yearbook” cause then it would be like they actually cared. you wouldnt count cause i told you i wanted someone to do that, its only magical if its unasked for.

  5. what a coincidence! i saw your comment on Andy’s xanga and recognized your photo!
    let’s see… i, too, got a crap ass dorm. Unit 3 Triple? whaaaaaaat?!
    and ahh, Stuart… he’s so… ahh… HE PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME!

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