high school

is almost over

i feel all your typical contradicting feelings associated with graduation
this would be a long entry if i wanted to write about them

luckily i have to concentrate my energy on sewing placemats

it’s weirder than when you think you had a bunch of twenties on your desk but they turn out to be ones, but like that
i never noticed how communist my family was
so happy


5 thoughts on “high school

  1. maybe it is just me, but i didn’t feel like a really huge deal happened when i hit graduation time. it’s probably because i haven’t been at high school much the last two years or because i have been looking forward to leaving it since the beginning of tenth grade. think about it, you have all this fun summer time and then you get to go to college! COOLLEEGGe. i am kind of scared of the word college but i think since i’m going to a tiny school i feel sheltered enough that my life doesn’t have to change and be all crazy. i don’t know what this was for. i was very sad about cp ending, i gushed and sniffed a ton at cp graduation. but seeing everyone in my class be all like “hey, i’m nervous lol” before graduation was all funny. they had such a different high school than i did, and the poppies have to build a new rep in college. haha

  2. woa-oaahh girl.  to be frank with you i’m at $1,231 and that took like 50 people. cool for yule!
    i still don’t know what your project really is but whenever you tell me about it it sounds magically delicious

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