i got a really crappy dorm offer that i didn’t want so if you ___, talk to me.

A. got a bad dorm and want to figure how how to appeal or something

B. got a great dorm and want to trade with me

C. want to console me

but edit

i’m sure it will still be great if everyone goes in with an open perspective. there are a lot of advantages. still going to file for a transfer to see what happens though.


8 thoughts on “umhumum

  1. I suppose it wouldn’t help to tell you that I’m sure everything will work out.  At least you know what dorm you have.  I won’t find out until August.  Heck, I won’t even get my registration packet until sometime within the next two weeks.  And that’s when I apply for a room and meal-plan, and all that jazz.  So you’re way ahead of me–and you go back to school later too!

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