there is significance in the fact that i go to mcheffey’s room during lunch now. maybe it’s the pre-AP/PROM environment getting to people and myself. i am so ready to leave here in every aspect. in fact i’m going to come back so i can leave again.


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  1. 10 washingtons!it took me long to understand that.oh you are witty indeed
    CONCERT MOSTLY YES- i was actually freaking out more about the AP Studio Art but I think its shaping up pretty okay if i decide last minute :/ will there be enough space!!?

  2. re:  “throw down”what?like, “i will throw down this jacket for you so you dont have to come upstairs”?
    me and brian are having anti-promi dont want to pay $$$$ to dance. i will get myself a small, hopefully fairly nice looking, inexpensive thrift store dress to satisfy that pesky craving, and i will be off doing casual things.I will miss AP art history friends mosts when i leave.sos os os where is concert?

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