shuck that corn!

i won’t really use mabel save for emergency situations when i don’t want to give up my real name. i’m at ease now because i have a backup and won’t be pausing when people ask me my name and seeming slow in the head. i’ll probaby use it for restaurants too so they don’t keep spelling my name as “bibi” or in espanol, “vivi”. for some reason they sound dirty to me.

i spent all of day six of spring break sewing lace and vineage onto a dress D:


2 thoughts on “shuck that corn!

  1. but the dress’ll look good, non?
    Ng. it’s like the sound at the end of “swing”, without anything before or after it 😛
    for the restaurants, I always say, “my name’s Lorelei. spell that however you want.”
    yeah. I usually have my camera with me but I live in Ohio, so it feels like nothing’s pretty enough to be worth the effort. I would go outside and search for something pretty, but you know, there’s a meth lab in my neighbours’ basement that makes me rethink that potential adventure.

  2. i am going to make a dress for my “passions project” in cp. i really hope to make two though. it’s only a two week project but i’ve already gotten a head start. i have to learn to use a sewing machine. we should swap trading cards with our dresses on them

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