whenever i’m bored or cold or feel any emotion i want to take a shower. i must get this out of my system before i go to college. although grossness aside, i would love to see what it’s like in those remote areas of china where people never take a shower their entire lives. such efficiency. i want to participate in an experiment where you only get the basic supplies to survive like nutrition pellets, someplace warm like cuba where you don’t need clothes either. there’d be no technology but you’d still go to school and make origami in your spare time and such

well when all the variables are right and a band comes along at the right time with the right sound they are quite enrapturing. so much so that you end up making a xanga name affiliated with them and then they come out with a second album with maybe five good songs and then a third that is just all their crap songs melded into one and repeated twelve times. still love what you for what you were five years ago and your website is more kickass-looking than ever, but never listening to this cd again

dictionary.com word of the days

the martinet defenestrated a brummegem hobbledehoy.

the strict disciplinarian threw out the window a cheap, awkward young fellow.


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  1. today i saw a guy with his bags in a shopping cart crossing the street while i was sitting in the car. its not uncommon to see homeless people wandering downtown but this one made me think about what it would be like to be wandering around now that its starting to get warm. it made me think of when you’re little and you go to a really nice park with those wooden playgrounds that resemble castles and you think you might like to live there. it’s happened to me.

  2. i agree, i remember i fell into this habit a while ago but it stopped shortly after well.. it stopped. is it weird to feel uncomfortable when people are making out in the library? because i did, who knows?

  3. If you see of such program, let’s do it.I am trying to rid myself of things I don’t need too, but things influence much and I am enslaved by the things I love too much.

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