oh happy day, week, month, year

glad. due to following reasons, or maybe just been graced by the impromptu miracle some call a hormonal shift

college stress at a minimum, no school work or school really, fun days ahead, prospects of popcorn, familial problems at a minimum!, behaving hair, clean sheets, the blues are still blue [but not]. i would like to preserve my life at this moment

and i just remembered the lyrics to this song

i’m going DZ at discovery zone, discover a place i can do on my own!


3 thoughts on “oh happy day, week, month, year

  1. probably. i know i myself am guilty of sizing girls up to determine whether or not they would be easy for me to shove past. for survival it is necessary to resist letting your gaurd down in the heat of the moment. perhaps parents are a sign of weakness?

  2. this is probably true. i know the two “hot boys” at the concert who looked all fancy and J-Rockish were surrounded by girls begging to have photos taken with them. Shareen is guilty of being one of them. so i guess laid-ability score does increase five points or so. unless they are gay. in which case maybe the score increases for males with likewise preferences.

  3. one more month! atleast you should have fine weather. those that stayed in columbus got snow on the first day of spring.
    i really just have gotten lucky for the past three spring breaks.

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