obsessive compulsively trimming my subscriptions and hair

i earned the right to be a part of the girls with boy hair blogring again. i am incredibly bored which means i am boring

there are many bands i dont get. the yeahyeahyeahs sum them all up.


5 thoughts on “obsessive compulsively trimming my subscriptions and hair

  1. yay, I’m glad I wasn’t trimmed!  although, honestly, I can’t see how that would ever happen.  😉

    I don’t get a lot of bands either…but I do like the yeahyeahyeahs.

  2. yay sound of music undertones 😉
    i like the word clip in reference to haircuts.  i just reread your post and realized you didn’t say clip ever but somehow you brought it to mind anyways.

  3. i am contemplating the return to the boy hair as well. i miss it short. it was like true love.
    i do not get the yeahyeahyeahs either, and i think they are somewhat annoying, but i love them anyway. i sing along like a mad woman and enjoy it thoroughly. is it weird that i both find them annoying and thuroughly enjoy them??

  4. hey look it’s me see: lockupthesock i love you too, do you have the address to the b&s music video I feel like seeing it yet again. OH MY GOSH I SAW ANOTHER THING ABOUT THE YEAHYEAHYEAHS those bastards.

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