to whom it may concern! lai/danielle?

i was going to buy strokes tickets (tuesday march 28, UCSD) his weekend, next week cause it’s closed on weekends, at the venue since ticketmaster is a moron. if you give me currency soon i can get them for you. this is in hopes that it will not cost an extra 16 dollars for heaven-knows-what service charges. i would tell you in APAH but that’s too practical


3 thoughts on “

  1. well, yeah.  especially since John Ritter died last year, or the year before…
    One of my favorite Don Knotts roles was when he played the tv repairman in Pleasantville.  did you see it?

  2. cool deal, i will question my mutti and see if she gives a yay or nay.
    and practicality is over-rated. i say this only because i am not practical because i am lazy and i am trying to make myself feel better. yes. 🙂

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