i want to analyze my childhood and figure out why i dont play well with others. it wasn’t even about sharing your crayons or not pulling people’s pants down.

maybe it was about having your pants pulled down. cause this boy looked down my pants once. i cant believe i forgot that. i will try to recall some more possibly traumatizing memories


4 thoughts on “

  1. I never liked to share either.  but usually did out of compassion.  now I say, “screw compassion.  I’m not sharing my really neat stuff!”

    and yes, it is nice to frolic in, especially when I turn on NPR’s Afternoon Classics.  Classical Music = Music to Frolic To.
    Most definitely.  What song is this, by the way?

  2. I think we’re all either pop rocks or time bombsbeing human a little bit at a time, or being really superhuman and exploding into insanity at the end.or you get really clumpy pop rocks that explode bigger than normal

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