i left my homework in the launderette

we used to go to one when we first moved to ohio, that one by the wall with blackberries that we ate when we passed it. yeah, exactly
but every image i have, based on commercials, is awesome. of course, the media is always known for being guilty of glorifying the launderette lifestyle. there’s that doritos commercial, which i don’t derive much enjoyment out of but damnit, lots of people would want to see a girl do acrobatics while waiting for their delicates to dry. also there’s the tide one where the guy gets hit on. again, happy. and i’m sure there’s one of people dancing and riding around on their launderette clothes cart things whilst towels fall into them and they finally collapse into a heap of springtime smelling comforters. i dont remember when i was a kid but i’m sure it happened that way. overall, a good hangout place for lonely guys who occasionally like to bust a move.


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