pros of showering

warming effect
rare sighting of the shampoo bubble
afterwards, smelling like chlorine but not actually having to swim
unstuck hair
writing things on the condensensational mirror
feeling productive! but not doing anything

i want more mindless tasks that feel productive but dont require any brain usage. once i went to assemble video game controllers. i got forty dollars and free lunch! i was 11 and i was happy. today, after much deliberation i decided to let my homework just mosey its way to hell
oh yeah i’ll let the new year pass without much sentiment. it felt like 2006 three years ago anyway or i wanted it to be?


2 thoughts on “pros of showering

  1. yeah! yeaheyaheyah.madiha and i talked about the steve thing, i am excited and totally up for it.letletletletetssss!!and i want to potrait yoooou 😀

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