i just experienced the new belle and sebastian and the new strokes. strokes was better. ladytron too. madiha introduced me to this elite torrent music sharing place so i have a new addiction to feed

some of the xmas presents, they were okay.

most literal book bag


8 thoughts on “

  1. That’s how I judge everything. Whether or not the mention Okkervil River.
    Is it raining where you are? I think it stopped raining for now, but the news said it’s supposed to continue all week.

  2. I’m more like in Alameda and sometimes Oakland. I haven’t gone to San Francisco yet. I have family here and I tend to visit at least once a year, sometimes twice.
    The only San Francisco I’ve visited is the one with my family where all we do is go to China Town, so I can’t judge it properly.

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