holiday progress, may ruin some surprises

avert your eyes if you wish

so far i’ve made four useless too-tiny journals, a sad wallet, a bag made from a book, another bag for the person who requested it which is surprisingly kick-ass, a revamped purse, and 20 magnets. i need decoupaging action soon, and maybe stuff from swap meet. my college essays hate me.
i’m jonesing for pie
i have lady madonna stuck in my head
i’m blank as usual
is it daft to not think about anything? i just go through the motions of living. i’m way too stoic. my lack of feeling is unfit for diarywriting. but it makes me content in an untouchable kind of way


9 thoughts on “holiday progress, may ruin some surprises

  1. Oh wow, you’re from california? Lucky, I was going to apply to berkeley last minute but decided my chances were too low since they prefer californians so much. I hope you make stanford. I, unfortunately, live in Texas where there are no good schools. It’s UT, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Boston College, and Syracuse.

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