new cd feb. 3

called “The Life Pursuit”

Act Of The Apostle Part 1
Another Sunny Day
White Collar Boy
The Blues Are Still Blue
Dress Up In You
Sukie In The Graveyard
We Are The Sleepyheads
Song For Sunshine
Funny Little Frog
To Be Myself Completely
Act Of The Apostle Part 2
For The Price Of A Cup Of A Tea
Mornington Crescent

none of them sound like belseb songs to me, how exciting


4 thoughts on “new cd feb. 3

  1. In case you haven’t seen it yet the thing they mentioned that they can’t talk about yet is probably this……which has one new song by them, not from the new album (but perhaps on the new single, who knows). And you can listen to it from there, you’ll like it.And in case you don’t have the bootleg recording that’s available of the If You’re Feeling Sinister concert they put on recently, they played Another Sunny Day from the new album and it sounds fantastic, so while maybe the titles don’t sound like B&S songs, the music certainly does, although of course you have to expect them to change it up a bit as always.

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