don’t leave the light on

i’d planned to throw some cookie dough in the oven, position some ribbon on, and call it holiday presents but now i’m touched with the giftgiving spirit. why study when you can make gifts! too bad it’s not as cheap as it sounds, and all i’ve done so far is go to thrift shops and michaels. maybe it’s not a good idea to buy crap and assume i’m going to put it all together and pass it off as a fabulous present. at the thrift store i bought a deck of cards with umbrellas, an old book with good pictures and antiquey ribbon. i can’t believe i didn’t find a fake bird or plastic fruit, both of which are on my list. now how do i fashion something cool like a submarine with these kinds of things.

inspirational pictures for my pleasure


3 thoughts on “don’t leave the light on

  1. is that crocheted sushi? how clever!i am amazed at what is being done with soft measuring tapes!we are one and the same. my bedroom is filled with crap i am hoping to sometime call gifts. yayayay

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