my grandma made up this story to learn counting in english

1 “wan (dou)”=peas
2 “tu”=vomit
3 “si lei”=died
4 “ver”=smell

translation> one day i ate some peas but they had gone bad so i vomited.
the next day i died and acquired a stinky smell.

“THE GROOVE IS ON YOUR SIDE in your meaty mosquito bite, the orange peel tossed. sip in chamomile beats that ripple across membranal gloss.
while the husks that androids shed, I-don’t-Pod”

found this is one of my poetry files from last year. not ringing a bell. did you write it? did i write it? help


3 thoughts on “

  1. we should go to a poetry slam thing just like kerouac. i still need a fucking senior quote… hmm what about that. or “why do i need a fucking senior quote” <- madiha siraj perfect i think

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