just ate something that smelled of shrimp and tasted of peanuts encrusted with 9 days of sugar. chinese candy has my respect

i have 37 more things to do this weekend but then i will be free for a few days. i can get things done:
-mail letter
-start venturing out into the new music world again so i
dont regurgitate old songs for the 4th time
-read that modern rock
story thing (no chance)
-go to del mar
-visit new hillcrest

sports are worst when i’m doing |3x+4|(9^8y-5i3fdsjiot30-3). rotund men
running around whilest hogging regularly scheduled shows. they used to
at least get waxed and powdered and thrown in the latest fall fashions.

basically, dad bought me 5 SATII books and turned on the tv


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