this is so adorable i kind of had to steal it

Just A Modern Rock Story came in the mail today! but i got conned into reading one of the longest books written first


4 thoughts on “

  1. i’m reading about 3 books right now. its all good fun is just college. its a lot better than high school. i go t/th/wed. i actually have to hurry for a class right now but i thought i’d comment back everyone first. how have you been? you like being a terrifying senior? hah im kidding about the terrifying part. you’re way too cute. nice photo too. :]

  2. Ehh.. .I perfer my mom to my dad on somethings. My mom would let me dye my hair and dress all funky as long as I keep my grades up and come home at night. On the other hand My dad’s the opposite, bland bland bland and more blandness..
    Hey so how have you been?

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