when we got off the escalator they handed us a
sheet with all the titles and we went to this row of display cases, one
of which they pushed out and we were supposed to go behind them. i
didn’t want to but they kept telling me to sit down and then we bought
bootlegs for 3 yen a disk which is 35 cents about. then we went to a
proper store to buy other ones but i think those were still bootlegs
because they spelled ENGLISH FNGLISH and FRENCH ERENCH
i miss it now because i cant be satisfied i still want to be cut off
from communication frompeople and stupid things i dont care about like,
school. i’m doing so much stuff i dont care for this year. i’d rather
be anywhere than school and i’d rather be in the british isles than
anywhere. after this
education is done with i hope i can have enough courage to only do
things i want. besides chemistry homework this is what frustrates me
but that will be done by 7 whereas this has been since sophmoric times


8 thoughts on “

  1. china was fun yes, i can never tell what is bootleg, what isn’t. it was like my whole sense of reality dissapeared.
    i understand how you feel though. schools is be frustrate. D: but i love you still and that is what counts i am glad to see you back because your clothing is awesome. 😀

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