weird you think someone doesn’t know you or like you at all and turns out you’re they’re hero. wonderfully
aaaaaaaaahy dunno why i dont want to write in here anymore

ok i will write crappily about the goings-on. this is what i’ve to resort to.

tutored, and will tutor a lot.
my tutee in middle school is boy crazy so they specifically asked for a
girl, me. good cause i can tutor on anything but boys. and bookbinding.
can someone teach me how to bookbind?!
my tutees at our high school are sweet.
saw brilliant eight grade teacher
on saturday i will dress up and not go to prom
were high heels invented by a man to keep his women from
walking/functioning too fast so they’d run away from him? i’m not
wearing these things again. feet, permenantly, mutated.
reading five books together is amusing, plus one i just carry because it’s so damn pretty.
so can someone teach me to bookbind?

adore the middle schoolers

i hate dreaming of dogs, it makes me want them too much. but i also
dreamed i died and was reincarnated as thom yorke, though i haven’t
listened to them since a much better, simpler time.


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  1. cute bob. it suits you well.thanks also! i’ve been trying to convince everyone i have ultra cool dance moves. i really don’t- but well there is no right/wrong way to dance.i want to me someone who is secretly obsessed with me. best of luck being a hero. captain beebe!- skye

  2. Apologizes about the double post, but I you just brought something to my attention.Egg rolls don’t have eggs..why call them egg rolls at all? Or do they have eggs..

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