my mom’s one of those people that will buy anything if it’s cheaper
than the original price, cor. this is what you can keep in mind when
you find passover food, menudo, baby formula, old people’s diapers,
stuffed clowns, etc. at our house.

for easter i gots a 3-pack of peeps from my catholic friend. [the order
i like to consume them is- eyes, outer sugar shell, and marshmallow
though consumption of this is not vital] just call her my catholic
friend. she lent me bedknobs and broomsticks and the metamorphosis.
that’s about what’s keeping me busy.

i don’t smell pleasant

this post brought to you by ty and epsum blue


12 thoughts on “

  1. I don’t know how I feel about peeps. As for stalkers, I’ve pulled these off before without trouble… having a person’s journal before you kind of makes it more personal. But I can understand where you are coming from. I hope it doesn’t keep you from participating.

  2. i’ve been told there is an easter basket for me somewhere in my house. is it wrong, or just highly uncharacteristic of me to have such little drive to look for it? i bought some ciaccolatte overseas and it tastes like a dream. should have brought more.

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