i forgot to mention that the emperor’s new sound is a completely silent project

today i made a clever little catapult that was not so clever. or
maybe it was me. it was not really a catapult so much as a spoon and it had
only yogurt as a projectile. and as i asked mr. teacher a question, something
triggered it (to be fair, it was my hand) and launched it onto my glasses. and
of course some fell in my eye.

and i got banned from the car the first day of driving it.

^i’m considering posting short stories like this more often.



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  1. stupid comment was posted twice. anyway i forgot to mention the cowboy or cowgirl (whichever) boots. here is the site beebe-www.sheplers.comi was talking about the corona leather cowboy boots in my entry. the teal and red and lovely!

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