your entry reminded me how i really want to go to china. the family
[majong], the popsicle stands everywhere with real bright poisonous
artificial colours, the choking smoggy air smell. (god i love this
smell it’s consistent every time i get off the plane. maybe your first smell
when you’re born stays with you becoming your smell of choice) the “8
yuan for 1
speaking of which haggling, the clothes, and that weird feeling
you’re in china and every time i look down from the balcony the kids in
the elementary school doing their morning exercises are perfect rows of
black circles. i hardly ever feel different, not even abc.

luckily, that’s where i’ll be this summer!

oh, not the hookers though. or the bootleggers bugging you. i like them a little bit
what do you think of the band name “the emperor’s new sound”?


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  1. i’m chinaing this summer too, mostly for business, though.”the popsicle stands everywhere with real bright poisonous artificial colours”i know what you mean, man.emperor’s new sound reminds me of naked music/disney; i like. i still like chaos chaos better though. 😀
    ina sense though i’m feeling like lee, in essence i’m becoming more chinese. not the kind of Azn pride ridiculousness, or “trying out my heritage” or anything, getting myself into papow-qipaos and whatnot. i guess i feel more like i’m becoming like my family members, or as i grow i realize that it is more a part of me than i originally thought, that in trying to sew myself into America i realize i should just stop and feel at home with myself. do you feel so?every morning i wake up and i go to my window, i want to hear people in their pedi-carts selling watermelons. or go down the street to get my jelly-sandals fixed by the old man in the corner.

  2. I’d happy to leave the country even for a little while. This summer I might be heading over to Cambodia. I’m exactly excitied by that, considering the situation in why we must visit. Which makes everything a little contradictory.
    In the long run, I bet it’ll be fun to see and experience Cambodia itself.But I’ll rather visit Korea, Japan or China.
    Anyways, have a load of fun.

  3. hehe. I’ve been to Europe and the Middle East, but never any further/farther (whichever you please) Eastward.
    my first smell was strawberries. this I know, because my mum was a strawberry addict or something before I was born. wicked gnar??

  4. band name sounds a-okay. enjoy your trip to china this summer. i’m thinking of something to say with meaning and wit but the lines don’t seem to be coming to me right now. i’ll end this with a simple BYE.

  5. hi beebebaby.
    no dice on the big plans, fortunately you’re the only one i’ve told. you’re going to receive a very lengthy and detailed collection of papers from across the sea. stay fresh my love.

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