a fresh page, so the sushi song, however delightful, doesn’t plague you
forever. it lived a very full xanga life, around 50 years.
what a fake i am

for every streetlight you count, i’ll fold you a wonton!


11 thoughts on “

  1. hot damn i love folding those things!and i wont be using my priveledge until next year either, seeing as i wont completely own a car.my mother and i will be sharing until my dad wants to mid-life-crisify and buy onna dems bimmers he yearns for so passionately.

  2. love it…what song is this?sorry, but I’m too lazy to look up the lyrics.I counted 4 streetlights just now.you can sned my wantons to starving children in china.

  3. i can’t do this xanga for much longer i’m afraid. only because of you really. the other kids don’t matter or they could call me if they wanted to. maybe i’ll update once every couple of weeks but the whole thing has just become very unworth it and not good for my brain. instant messaging is likely to be in our future since it has become my home. don’t feel like i’m leaving you because i won’t, you’re my number one far away kid.

  4. i leave on march 16 and i come home march 26.
    i just found out today that we get to stop in paris! for 1.5 hours… in the airport. none the less it will be spectacular. i’ll buy you a postcard and tell you about my beatnick adventures.

  5. Has it been forever or what?  What’s going on with you?  I am sorry I don’t xanga hardly ever.  School is crazy and I’ve been sucked in by the myspace black hole.  It’s a terrible thing.  Well I miss your xanga’s and just thought I’d comment and tell you that they’re amazing!  You’re a cute girl!  <3s  *Crystal from San Dimas*

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