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  1. yay! i don’t mind your lack of xanga involvement. it looks like i’m home drinking cranberry juice again, so the plan is to work on letters and such. the letter being yours, the such being a secret for someone else that you know about. doing things for people is nice. sometimes i think more people should, but no… i just sometimes want more people to do things for. seeing as i have a core group of people to bestow insane amounts of love upon, i suppose it is enough. what a thing to complain about… i want to love this person! but t(he)y cannot be found all the time when i want to do everything for them!
    saving thoughts for paper.

  2. yes i hear the concert again, same place!(i colours you excited)also, i cannot protected postings with all the people i want in the protected readings!thus i cannot write the smut i want to write. 🙂

  3. beebe it was awesome. alright better than awesome but i have a small vocab. i loved it and i loved you for coming with me, you and ariel both.

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