just going to shoot the crap for a little bit. is that an actual term?
i thought i read it in a book once or twice. yes i shall continue
typing and neveronce hit the delete button so you may witness what it’s
like to be a part of some. mental train of thought thing.
i {strike tthat]
for those of you with us before the fighting fish i found is still
alive. how i dont know! i have to carefully position the food right
above his head and nearly hit him with it to indicate that there is a
pice of dried worm guts coming his way and thay [strike that] that to
survive he must in fact, open his mouth and engulf it. i still like fish
abd today i have started my first day of raquet sports in which i ran
about a whole bloody lap around the track. i mean i havent done
anything like that in a year. what’s the deal with running? it shold
only be reserved for trying to escape bulls in spain or when you’re
late to see some great concert. both of those are cultural.
cardiovascular endurance isn’t cultural; i’m offended.
wehelhelehelll, i’m now also offended that this “snorkeling is sexy”
t-shirt i’ve been mentioning is from “artfulbigotry and kitsch”
[yes madiha, i find this out!] so now all hope in this class and these
people is lost. don’t say anything, you’ll probably offend me

check out the ((coachella lineup)) this year! not as good as last year, think i’ll skip it


5 thoughts on “

  1. at least you won’t have to look out for him anymore. which is always good (half the reason why i am glad afa is over) and if raquet sports gets too boring just whip out some “teddy graham” and “go to the bathroom” he hardly notices when anyone is gone.

  2. i like the furious winking.
    i feel like i missed some of the best stuff ever by not going to coachella last year. but if i could redo that, i’d make last year’s line up and all of the people going to it be the same for this year, and i’d be in the same place as i am right now, but with lots of cash and looser parents. and it would be this year and maybe i’d be a bit taller so i could see and i’d get to be there with WINKWINKWINKWINKWINKWINKWINK.

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