i’m feeling the sick today so i skipped the first day of the new term.
can’t wait to get lost looking for new classes tomorrow, though i’ve
been at the school 3 years  i can still never find statistics
having to abandon 3 year old hello-kitty-craig messengerbag! there’s
one my mom gave me today from china that would be real fetching to
carry. bye, “JANSPOT *this is authentic*” sign and sticky patch. bye,
melted wax spot from liz’s cheese. bye,  safety pin holes from
patches/pins. i wont really miss any of you

i’m going to be remembermemorizing a dream now. dreams are
pathetic topics of conversation unless someone interprets them but
nonetheless. should be documented for future therapy sessions. so on the
first day of school i cant find any of my classes and i’m walking into
a bunch of classrooms all during v. awkward instances. and it is
raining and the school decides to triple in size and in muddiness. i
keep walking in circles by the same patch of these flippin bushes and i
ask all these people for help and that’s all. guess my subconsious only has the tip of the iceburg on my frustration with HS


8 thoughts on “

  1. hey thanks!  i’m actually really glad we are menstruation pals, is that creepy? 
    i would give you that really great snowman i found but he is melting now because of the freezing rain 😦  i am losing the man of my dreams
    happy menstruating!–bailstarmenstruationbot

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