tomorrow i have to brave the mysterious world of school formals. think
of it more as an observation vs. participation, if you please. i’d
become a sociologist if there was any use for them at all. any
suggestions to make it through the night is appreciated.
i want a dance party where actual dancing takes place. i want to be the
deejay too, at least for a little while. and i want people who like to
music and dance at the same time, to the songs i play. i might as well
want the whole world and lock it all up in my pocket.


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  1. try to kind of section yourself off with friends and then actually dance. or you could just plan it so you’re only there for an hour. that’s what i do.  and you’ll never find anybody who’ll dance to the songs you like unless you hang out in the mod part of town.  but this is highschool and everybody sucks like that.  i’ve got a new xanga-

  2. “hey, she’s asian.”
    wonderful observation just made by my sister. here’s her silly xanga. my shirt has a dino bones print on it. i found it in a bag in the boy’s underwear section of target. it has matching pants with a pee hole in them. you can definitely see that i’m a girl when i wear those. but the shirt is actually quite flattering.
    i wish i could say that i got to see good local bands perform all the time, however it’s a once every couple of months kind of thing. for a while it was once a month. i was luckier then. i need more of these too. i don’t dance. well i do dance, but only to make fun of myself/other people dancing. and with my friends that’s a pretty good time. i hope you get your dance party/deejay wish. if i had moneys and the power to gather cool kids by the bushel i’d give it to you for your birthday. good luck. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY. i should make you something special.

  3. awe, thats a pitty they dont show coupling were you live anymore.i still get them, even if its only once a week.or i download them from limewire pro!I love le tigre!!

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