17 years. a wee celebration next tuesday. i’m not fond of having
birthdays and the celebrations on different days; like today it
a confusing feeling.
i dont want to die, papa! it seems like around
this age many ahem, grandparents are about to take that ‘long’ trip
that everyone eventually embarks on. i hope mine dont catch their
flight before i get to know them

a special section included for the brill purse [E] LIZArd BrEaTH
made me. i embellished it a little bit. when our careers go down the drain, do visit the boutique we open.

i can’t believe i said papa. aging messes with your mind


8 thoughts on “

  1. that one-year-older picture is fabulous.
    passiveness replaced excitement this past birthday. it was weird. i feel cheesey and like the world is playing an ironic joke on me when i think about how insane my sixteenth year of life was. it’s supposed to be that, some movies told me. but for some reason i have it in my head that it is automatically supposed to be different for me. i am a teenage girl? oh, ok i guess.
    i will come to the boutique.

  2. Happy [slightly early] Birthday!I love your brill purse, totally neato.And I hope you work out that situation with your grandparents, if there is in fact a “situation”.
    ❤ and thanks.

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