i am dressed a little too preppy private schooly and i had to go to the
supermarket but it was funnish. then i saw a girl from a real private
school and she looked at me like we shared some affinity but we didn’t.
she had perfect posture and monogramed sweatshirt. i don’t have posture
or monograms or sweatshirts; we are worlds apart. i wanted to change
immediately and have fried pigskin or whatever the yellow-trash equivalent of that is

shouldn’t be spending more time with machines than people

elefant here again, i’ll be missing it again. it’s okay diego


13 thoughts on “

  1. i think the last post was a freak burst in danijo-reader activity! i don’t normally have so many comments; i don’t normally have so few words. maybe it works in reverse effect? the fewer words, the more comments received? an interesting theory. or perhaps they were all return-comments.i spend too much time with my machine and not enough with my people.modifying nouns into adjectives and verbs is a quality i look for/admire in people

  2. that must have been awkward. i was dressed funky in an asian supermarket once and people gave me funny looks. i dont think there is anything wrong with dressing up pseudo-private-schooly for fun.just like private school kids dress pseudo-normal-schooly for fun.who WILL cut our hair when we’re gone!?

  3. whoa whoa. scary. I had no idea you had this song on your xanga. 😛 if I get married, this song will be played at the reception. my husband or wife has no choice. yay!!
    I go to a private school. um…rad? you tell me. ever seen my uniform? haha. snazzy….maybe.

  4. a girl from england…?and didnt know what coupling was…?OH THE HORRIBLE SOUND OF THAT!but you live in america right?they show it on (the greatest channel) PBSSATURDAYS 11:30pmits late…but tis worth it.

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