//story for shrub//
a girl had a green thumb

she ate graham crackers after school until she grew to an age where it was innapropriate

one day she listened to a song and it compelled her to dance for the first time
as she jumped up, she took a nasty trip, this clumsy kid

no, not that kind.
the doctor said she she should not dance again
so she learned to play the trumpet and joined an all-girl hodgepodgey band, very big in the netherlands.

their fame took them all around the world but eventually, one gets too wrinkly and senile for that sort of thing.

she went home and wrote the perfect joke
at this point she didn’t need the money so she just told it when there were visitors

and there were never visitors

her life was full, nothing else to do
she took a nap in her rocking chair though she promised she would never buy one when she got old


13 thoughts on “

  1. starting today, i am going to be a regular mascara wearer once more.
    said goal was not brought on by lesbian rumors or lack of boy, but was rather a personal choice conjured out of boredom.

  2. oh how i do enjoy the wondrous sounds of b & s.  like i said, a tad dissappointed that arab strap didn’t win the best band award.  i love them so.  quite an amusing story.

  3. i don’t really know if they named the album after them.  i tried to find out what an arab strap was, and when i googled it, all i got was,”  it all made sense to me when I found out that an arab strap is…” and then I clicked on the link and VOILA! the page wouldn’t load.  so i’m stumped.  if i find out all let you know.

  4. thats a great post. i want a life like that.and you told me how much you like couplinh which is flip’n amazing cus i hjavent met anyone i know that likes it. great ot know theres still those out therr.*smiles*

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