too many things floating in the head makes for a very unproductive person. in this order-
1. feeling crumby sick
2. homework, finals, SATIIs
3. state of being alone and its connection to pseudo lesbian image
4. leaving beloved teachers and classes for those less desirable. getting rankin in bio.
5. first formals, birthdays, going-away-parties
6. list of things needing sewing
7. haven’t played guitar in weeks
8. concerts in the area mmphnegh

a lesson. dont throw or give old clothes away. they will become all the
rage again in a few years or at least when you have kids to give them
to. i’m retrieving blazers, cardigans, and sweater vests


4 thoughts on “

  1. oh man. i hope you play guitar and sew and everything spectacular before your head will explode. i know the feeling. but it’ll be alright. the unproductiveness eventually wears off, someone told me.

  2. this sweater vest deal is awesome.
    i am tired of being a lesbian too. the jokes are getting old old old. if i had a boy then i’m sure it would inspire me to be free to act more like a lesbian and scare the hell out of everybody. wow, yeah. that would be a really fun time. you and i, we need some good music friends to play for us. and we need boys, even though you’re not supposed to need those. sssiiiiggghhhhh.

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