i thought of something honest to say
i wish john would ask me to make out with him. cleese, mind you. i need to check how much time he still has left in this world

i guess the internet really doesn’t have all the answers. can’t even pinpoint a silly man’s life span. he’s only 65, with luck i’ll have lots of time

1/10-my mammoth face presides

i eat with chopsticks, do you eat with chopsticks?


10 thoughts on “

  1. that’s why i’m so damn happy!  i just made out with john cleese.  i think he’s got 1 year 9 months and 3 days.  and 5 or 6 minutes if he’s lucky.  but let’s not push it.

  2. making out is such a strange expression. there could have been a less suggestive name for it, like “continual kissing that sometimes leads to other things.” eh nevermind. i’ve obviously yet to make out with anyone.

  3. i am definitely infatuated with your hair and am proud to own a clipping of my own. you’re lovely enough to frame. note lack of cannibalism on the last expression, i don’t fly that way. bailey and i will always be your good old friends from ohio, and we won’t forget it either. she asked me for your address so she could pick up the pal-ing and pen-ing and whatnots. you are a diamond in the ruff. that’s an expression i refuse to tinker with.

  4. “i eat with chopsticks, do you eat with chopsticks?”no i do not eat with chopsticks. i actually treid once at it was a horrible mess ad ugh!! yes food everywhere!! maybe you could teach me how to use ’em.. when you visit me for my second year of college. and i like you hair a ton! its sooo soo soo cute. well you’re just so cute. A++++++ahah : ) yepbye sista’!

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