sex is fucking boring, no pun intended. i can’t believe people still
buy into it. show some coverage in the media about painting or stalagmites,
anything. i wait for the day everyone else gets it. i am thinking too
holdenish in terms of logic today.
“you’re a bastard, you don’t even care if she keeps all her kings in the back row”
“women kill me but i love em’, they’re always leaving their bags in the aisle”

the amish are cutiesi bet they don’t watch porn.

let’s make a deal. i’ll make a deal with the amish because they’re
godlike. if a teacher says you are ready for college, you can leave. no
passing go or collecting 200 dollars required. but if you wanted to you could because they are that nice.

if i could throw up anything yeah it’d be a stuart. whole, not diced, gracious.


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  1. i think the media bores us a whileand comes up with new twists to old positions, then when we are bored with these, they come up with new onesand then we we are bored with those, they bring us the old ones again to get us nostalgic about the good-ol daysbut then the good ol days get boringoh, cauliflower.

  2. Oh, they watch porn during “Rumspringer” which is the time they go into “our world” and then decided whether or not they want to stay or go back to the Amish church.”Devil’s Playground” is a film all about this, and I highly recommend it. It doesn’t get much better than seeing a young amish girl decked out in full amish garb lighting a crack pipe in the back of a camaro…

  3. people need to figure out if nothing means anything to them before they say that they believe in love and soulmates and then go off and have sex with someone else’s soulmate. that’s a total of four people that are being involved in a betrayal.
    not having sex is not difficult!

  4. .
    Shrubs list of people in books that rock :
    10 o’brien
    9 paul slater
    8 frank abagnale
    7 smoke
    6 adam eddington
    5 artemis fowl
    4 mark darcy
    3 d’artagnan
    2 robert langdon
    1 holden caulfield

  5. half the time i wish i was amish.then i realize, realityly, that ah,i am myself and that is all i be.i read an article about rumspringerwhere the teenage amish go out into the world and try it outand choosei think it is good that they allow them to choosebecuase only if you choose yourself-ly, then that is a strong decision. if someone else decided for you, your heart is not with it,but i always feel that since they have been so restrained, and the worlds are so differentthat they might just explodebut seeing as there are still amish people around, i guess most of them come back.ahh

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