4 out of 5 dentists recommend colgate
4 out of 5 dentists give patients something cheaper and obscure (“guardian”?)
4 out of 5 people use toothbrushes given by their dentists
oh but we know what that means

what could be greater than a belseb calendar
XD lai squared bringing the cd to art club and having everyone approve?
things that make you say “ouch”: bio teacher out-indie-ing you, as ariel would say, with one pesky band sigur rós

i know a girl, because she is in my class. i know a girl
cause’ i reckon she represents many similar ones in school. i also know
this girl because my cousin in china probably knows a friend who knows
a friend who works cheaply in a factory for this girls father so she can get
her 150 dollars a week so she can pay her manicurist. it’s a small world.

homework insults my intelligence, i will not stoop to its level
be square


6 thoughts on “

  1. that mister oliver. while mr rankin is listening to his classical/oldiesoliver comes in to borrow things and i get a glimpse of this here guy you speak ofthe injustice overwhelms.and the complications of it. only some arbitrary means can overcome the arbitrariness of this weirdly tangled fate.and oh, how our school is rich-like and snob-reputationed.

  2. next time i will steal a can of whipped cream, put it on my face then rub my face on a piece of paper, and then send it to you. 
    it’s because i love you, in a non-dirty way 🙂

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