so, what colour’s your toothbrush?

in the morn watched australia celebrate new years and wished i was there again. i mean i wished again.
then a girl named ellen made a book with me and stuff
ellen gets all the credit for thinking up this thrilling page-turner
her name was Butter, her sisters names were Fly and Flying.
will she get wet, will she not get wet? oh the suspense.
she got cold and wet and remained misunderstood. the end
coincidentally her face is covered up so you internet perverts can move right along.
then i found my resolution, to have more surprise bubbles pop out when i open the shampoo cap. cute little things
then i went to katelyn’s party and fell asleep talking about lysol
then the next morn i saw the simpson clouds prevalent in the east coast which we never get. and wanted to take a picture
so i did

my eyes flashed
then when i regained sight i noticed how xanga made posting pictures easier
resolution, take more pictures

someone watch the monty python marathon on bbc america for me please


10 thoughts on “

  1. i am so glad you’ve posed the question. i bought a new toothbrush from a dollar tree in new york. actually i bought two. and only because of the color, which is:
    yes, my chartruthbrush. i believe it has powers beyond the average seeing eye.
    i could talk to you anytime.

  2. i love that question. i ask it too.and i am loving you for asking itto answer: it’s pearly-pink, but not by choice. that’s just what the dental hygienist gave me.

  3. letter received. i love your hair. i really do. how creepy and beautiful.
    realized what a depressing cloud hung over the last one i sent. it was a silly cloud. things are nice and from somewher has come faith that they’re going to continue that way. happy 2k5 my dear. i love you.

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