/i miss/to feel the lack or loss of/

watching a
documentary about child prostitutes =feels bad. knowing there are lots
of people around without clothes =feels bad. having parents who scrimp
and save for no reason other than habit =feels bad. seeing another
dress i want
=feels bad.

sewing party. i tried to
make animals out of sequins and failed, for today. then spent 2 hours
looking at jules’ magazines which means two hours of:

me: oh man, look at that, i love it
jules: oh i know i love that
maya: i approve

too gluttonous. [i gave myself to sin]

now on it’s going to be cheap thrift shops and homemade. i dont think
it was any different before but establishing it =feels good,
bee square

when it rains i dream about ohio, that is to say i dream about ohio twice a year


10 thoughts on “

  1. thrift stores are the only reason i am dressed. it makes sense to dream of ohio when it rains.  i just figured out that columbus gets more annual rainfall than seattle…the rainy city.  it still doesn’t suprise me.

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