a christmas post
– off of the westview [high school] paper [get it while it’s hot] who says i don’t celebrate? i guess me and some other people. but i got pretty damn close one year:

“i dont celebrate christmas. my parents never told me about santa claus. but i picked it up off the streets, and i just thought there was no harm in trying to see if he was real, ’cause there were all these rumors going around. I tried to be a good kid for the two months before christmas, when i remembered to. we had gotten this free stocking as a giveaway, and we didn’t have a fireplace so i hung it from a light switch. i checked on christmas morning, and it was empty, just like the plummeting depths of my childhood.” – beebe xia (11)

(end of my salute to holidays(except new years(beceause that’s swell)))

hear hear, two years here

going to santa barbara and la for a while will beat laziness as my excuse for not checking in this week’nd’ish
bee square


16 thoughts on “

  1. hahahhaa   that bloody long yet brilliant quote was the torture of our (mostly kimmianne’s) page design, my friend XDi like how the comment box says”pink robot not working? pink robot help.”that needs to be a shirt.

  2. i like you, come to my rec center birthday fun day.  woo. hooooo.  Jan. 12th is the official date of my birth but the festivities will be on the weekend so that it will be more fun.
    wouldn’t it be great if by some miracle you were in columbus on Jan. 12th and got to come to my rec center birthday fun day?  oh man, imma wish for it every night of my liiiiife. 
    happy new year 2k5!

  3. i like your new layout beebe. i want to change mine soon.
    everytime i think of christmas.. i think of charlie brown and the peanut gang. hah that whole little christmas song they sing.
    christmas time is here. do do do do do do (forgot) but i sing the first part to myself.

  4. i actually don’t really hate gum. i was watching a preview for that new willy wonka movie coming out and johnny i guess rhymes in that movie??!
    but he tells that little girl violet (gum girl).. :
    chewing gum is gross. . . chewing gum i hate the most.
    have fun. thrift wisely.
    oh and i have a poem for you!
    beebe oh beebe. you remind me of green kiwis. *beat beat beat*
    oh bebe oh bebe. why don’t you like the tv? *teab teab teab*

  5. new picture 🙂 bill nye oh i remember him he was funny. my favorite movies were those eye witness movies the ones with the white museum yah those were awesome. whos the lucky one?

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