if i take off my glasses and put on belseb headphones i nearly cease to exist. with a book in front of me i’d probably disappear completely. logically, everything else should disappear but it’s not. does anyone get that sometimes? it’s why i love taking my glasses off

today in bio, we were pondering the familiar sounds of a song playing. turns out mr. oliver put on the boy with the arab strap because he knows the way to my liver

edit i said goodbye to the side swept bangs that are so prolific these days. now they’re short and straightish. i’m living backwards, it looks like the kind of hair i [and you and you and you if you’re chinese] had when i was a kid that looks like a boy. trying to convince my self it’s hip, but the fact is i make a cute boy and a sad frumpy girl


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  1. And I hate it when a good book ends. Because then you’re in this daze, thinking about how great it was and how you want more. But there isn’t more. I hate that.
    And, how did belle and seb get it’s name? Disney? other ways?

  2. i love books boooooks.  yeah i know, the profile pic, it was hard to let the old one go but my friend took this one of me and it was so creepy i couldn’t resist.

  3. ending entry with the word liver and general superb usage of the word liver…
    reasons numbers 33 and 492 in the book entitled “reasons i adore beebe.”
    it floats on notes of air while scones and rainbows encircle its planet.

  4. i didn’t get a haircut i was too busy making cookies. I put splendia in them instead of sugar so they are super-healthy. my mom kept giving me a look because the whole kitchen was turned upside down. But mostly its been a nice sunday my parents are gone now, yay!. And now I have to take a shower and watch my hair grow.

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