i was a cantelope, executor, brontosaurus, sea(:D), & homer simpson

i think i liked this show but i cant remember.
i know i love cute girls with no nose and mouth
and mysterious growths

i’ve run out of things to do
so i’m going to start homework now

be square


7 thoughts on “

  1. those boys are connected but have different haircuts. 
    me and suzanne know a song about brontosaurus, we will sing it for you sometime.  you know, when all us art clubbers take over the world.

  2. haha, hello sea,i love the refereces to biology in random areas of conversation.i remember the show when i watched it a couple of timessome years ago-triceratops, TS eliot, clock…glycose?

  3. i am eating cheetos at malazar’s. i wish you could finish the bag with me, even if you don’t like cheetos. also, there are some yuppy decorations here like this little basket that has all these wires poking out of it (pointLess) that i want to destroy. you could help with that, too.

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